Rail Events Calendar

Highlighting Diesel Galas 2018 and Steam Galas 2018 , railway auctions, depot / open days or any other interesting event I stumble across. Also watch out for 'Flying Scotsman' making various appearances

Railway Calendar (Galas / Events / Open Days 2018)
25-29 May Tornado on the Bluebell Railway
26-28 May Gloucester Warwickshire Steam Railway Steam Gala
2-3 June Llangollen Heritage Rail Gala
7 June Class 70 to haul diesel section of Scarborough Spa Express (subject to availability)
8-10 June Epping and Ongar Steam Gala
15-17 June North Norfolk Diesel Gala
16-17 June Midland Railway Butterley Summer Diesel Gala
16 June Class 55 Deltic - Albert Gilmour Memorial Charter
16 June Hastings DEMU tour "The South Devon Coaster"
23 June Double Headed Class 50 Tour. The Mazey Day Cornishman
30 June Ketton Cement Works Open Day
1 July GBRF Charity Railtour - The Itchen Scratch
6-8 July East Lancs Railway Summer Diesel Spectacular
21 July (Rumour) DRS Crewe Gresty Bridge Open Day
27-29 July Gloucestershire and Warwickshire Steam Railway
3-5 August Spa Valley Railway Summer Diesel Gala
5 August GBRF Charity Railtour - TBC
11-12 August Ecclesbourne Valley Railway Diesel Weekend
11-12 & 15 August Chemin de Fer du Bocq Festival (Belgium)
18-19 August Caledonian Railway Diesel Operating Weekend
31-2 August-September North Norfolk Autumn Steam Gala
9 September Flying Scotsman at the East Lancs Railway
15-16 September Epping and Ongar Autumn Diesel Gala
20-23 September GBRF Charity Railtour - Out of the Ordinary
20-23 September Severn Valley Autumn Steam Gala
21-23 September East Lancs Autumn Diesel Gala
28 September North York Moors Railway (NYMR) Autumn Steam Gala
29 September Llangollen Diesel Gala
29-30 ,1 September-October Nene Valley Railway Flying Scotsman
4-6 October Severn Valley Class50 Golden Jubliee
6-7 October Gloucester and Warwickshire Steam Railway
12-14 October Swanage Autumn Steam Gala
12-14 October Bluebell Autumn Gala
19-21 October Spa Valley Railway 8th CAMRA Real Ale and Cider Festival & Autumn Diesel Gala
19-21 October East Lancs Railway Autumn Steam Gala
19-21 October Watercress Line Autumn Steam Gala